Our helpful bee-hivers!

Woo-hoo! Bee-Longing is buzzing with excitement, and we feel like we've hit the jackpot with our amazing team! They're just as crazy passionate about our massive plans as we are, and it's like we've found our very own hive of superhero worker bees!

These incredible folks have been working their magic, spreading love and support either voluntarily or at a reduced cost. Talk about dedication and awesomeness! They're the backbone of our hive, helping us take flight and make a real impact.

As we grow and spread our wings, you better believe this page will be bursting with even more joy, achievements, and fantastic moments. But hey, for now, let's give a big round of applause and a whole lot of love to our fantastic worker bees!

To our team, we couldn't do it without you! Your passion, talent, and generosity make all the difference in the world. So let's raise our imaginary glasses of honey and toast to our extraordinary team of bee-believers!  Keep shining bright, and together, we'll change lives one buzz at a time! 

Artist Ava

Oh my goodness, talk about a stroke of creative genius! Ava, the superstar artist in the family, blew us away with her artistic magic! We handed her our business idea and just like a master alchemist, she transformed it into the most adorable, bee-licious logo ever! 

Picture this - a little bee with a cute little suitcase, ready to take on the world! When Ava sent us the design, we couldn't hold back the tears of joy. It was a moment of pure delight and wonder! 

Arty Ava, you've truly captured the heart and soul of our Bee-Longing family. Your imagination and talent have sprinkled enchantment all around, and we couldn't be more grateful! Your creativity has brought our dreams to life in the most bee-tastic way possible!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Arty Ava! We're buzzing with love and appreciation for you. You've made our logo extra special, and it's a constant reminder of the magic you bring to our team. We love you to the moon and back! Keep shining like the star artist you are! 


Harry Hurst @ Apollo Artwork

Oh, you know it's all about the connections, and boy, are we lucky to know the absolute best!  Allow us to introduce the one and only Harry from Apollo Artwork! 

When it came to revamping our cute Bee logo from the 'Arty Ava' wonderland and making it techy-tastic, we knew exactly who to call - Harry, the logo magician! This guy works magic faster than a lightning bolt! Within a day, he had us beaming with excitement as he sent back the first jaw-dropping proofs!

And guess what? Within just a week, voila! Our official logo was born, looking so fly and ready to rock on all our promotions and techy stuff!

 Harry is like a superhero with a stylus, a digital dynamo! We're over the moon to announce that he's now our go-to guru for everything digital.

We're shouting it from the rooftops, people! If you want to turn your creative dreams into a reality, Harry is the brightest spark you'll ever meet! We'll be recommending this design whiz to the whole wide world because, trust us, he's THAT good!

So here's to Harry, the logo luminary, and the magic he brings to our Bee-Longing team! We're proud to have him on board, and we can't wait to see what other enchanting creations he conjures up for us! Keep shining, Harry, you're a star!

Catch the main man here:


Bern, the Bee gang guru!

Bee-Longing is gearing up to take the world of social care by storm, and guess who's on board? None other than the fabulous Bern, our very own top-class social worker extraordinaire! 

Let us tell you, Bern is not just a 'handy-to-have' social worker; she's a force of nature! With a heart as big as the sun, an open mind that's ready for anything, and a professional prowess that's off the charts, she's the perfect fit for our Bee-Longing family. 

When it comes to passion for change, Bern is the queen-bee! She's all about making a real difference, and we couldn't be prouder to have her in our corner. She's like the guiding light of our social care adventures, and we're thrilled to have her here for the ride! 

Bern's been our go-to guru, lending her expert ear to our plans and giving us the inside scoop on what's buzzing in the industry. Her feedback has been invaluable, and with her wisdom on our side, we're ready to conquer the world!

But wait, there's more! Bern is not just a behind-the-scenes superstar; she's ready to hit the stage! She'll be out and about, delivering some of our fantastic training sessions and supporting the Bee-Leaver programme as it kicks off. 

So, watch out world, Bee-Longing has got the secret weapon, and her name is Bern!

 Together, we're on a mission to create a social care revolution, and with Bern onboard, we're unstoppable! Let's go, team! 




Chris- Buzzy Volunteer

Oh, beehive, are we buzzing with excitement for our fantastic volunteers! They are the heart and soul of the Bee-Longing journey, and just like our busy bee friends, they play a variety of crucial roles that keep the hive thriving! 

Allow us to introduce Chris, our very own font-of-knowledge and legal whiz! This guy is like a walking encyclopaedia when it comes to all things legal and financial commitments. He's like our legal guardian angel, making sure we stay on the right track!

And get this - Chris is currently rocking it at university, but he's so incredibly generous that he offers his research and skills free of charge! Talk about a true champion of the Bee-Longing cause!

But wait, there's more! Chris is not just a legal guru; he's also one of our 'experts by experience'! Having welcomed fostered children into his family home during his teens, he knows first-hand the importance of our Bee-longing ethos. It's like he's got a superpower for understanding the needs of these incredible young souls!

Chris is our hype machine! He's just as excited as we are about our big plans, and together, we're on a rollercoaster of joy and enthusiasm!  He's got the bee-tastic energy that keeps us going, and we couldn't be more grateful to have him on board!

So here's to Chris, the legal eagle and expert with a heart of gold! We're thrilled to have him as part of our buzzing Bee-Longing family, and together, we're ready to change lives and create magic! Let's fly high, team! 



Nige the IT powerhouse

Oh, you know what they say - when there's something strange on your PC screen, who you gonna call? ­čÄÁ­čĹ╗ Nige, the knight in shining armor of data, number crunching, and all things IT magic! 

Heather and Nicola might be bursting with brilliant ideas to push the Bee-Longing dream to infinity and beyond, but let's face it, when it comes to spreadsheets and IT skills, they might need a little help (okay, maybe a lot!). 

But fear not! Nige to the rescue! With his IT superpowers and Excel expertise, he's like a wizard with a keyboard, ensuring that our important figures don't get tangled up like a nest of bees! 

Tracking funding? Piece of cake! Logging volunteer hours? Easy-peasy! Keeping an eagle eye on our marketing successes? He's got it covered! Nige's got our backs, and he's our go-to guru for all things data-driven and number-juggling! 

It's like having our very own ghostbuster, but instead of busting ghosts, he's busting spreadsheets and making sure our tech woes disappear into thin air! 

So here's to Nige, the spreadsheet slayer and the guardian of our IT kingdom! We're forever grateful for his support and reassurance, and with him by our side, we're confident that Bee-Longing will soar to new heights!  



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