Who We Are...

NICOLA:  Meet Nicola, our unstoppable force and 'Expert by Experience'! The CQC absolutely loves care experienced people, and for a good reason. As a care leaver herself, she knows the heartache of packing her precious belongings into demeaning bin bags before entering the care system. Yet, despite the challenges, Nicola's incredible resilience shines through.

Through her journey, she had the extraordinary experience of thriving in most of her 12 (yes, you read that right!) different care placements. Now, she's here to channel her expertise and passion to support our powerful training programs. Nicola's first-hand knowledge makes her an unparalleled 'expert,' inspiring others with her tenacity and unshakable spirit.

But that's not all! Nicola is also at the forefront of our transformative Bee-Leavers program, leading the charge to empower young hearts to believe in their potential. Her dedication and wisdom bring hope and guidance to every step of this incredible initiative.

With Nicola by our side, we're poised to break barriers, challenge the status quo, and create a world where every child in the care system finds hope and belonging. Her story resonates, her voice empowers, and her impact is immeasurable. Together, with Nicola's unwavering leadership, we're transforming lives and shining a beacon of hope for generations to come.


HEATHER: Behold the other force behind Bee-Longing, Heather! Throughout her career, she has dedicated her life to serving vulnerable young people with unwavering passion and determination.

Heather's journey is nothing short of extraordinary. She's donned many hats, from being an inspiring English teacher to a nurturing foster carer, a powerhouse sales manager, a visionary business owner, and an exceptional therapeutic lead. Now, as the driving force behind Bee-Longing, she's combining this treasure trove of experiences to propel the team towards monumental goals and boundless dreams.

Heather's commitment knows no bounds as she aspires to support as many young souls in the care system as possible. Her keen interest and profound understanding of self-harm and behaviour management are the cornerstones of our training programs. Her expertise in building meaningful relationships shines through, forging a path for nurturing environments and empowering connections.

With Heather's unparalleled drive and unwavering dedication, we're on a journey to create an indelible impact on the lives of young people in the care system. Her leadership is a beacon of hope, lighting the way for countless souls seeking love, guidance, and belonging.

So, brace yourself for a transformational experience led by Heather, where training programs are infused with insight, empathy, and life-changing expertise. Together, let's conquer barriers, shatter limitations, and empower these young hearts to soar to unimaginable heights. Heather's legacy of love and support will leave an indelible mark on generations to come.


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